Immigration Services

Family Class

Family Class sponsorship can help reunite family members living abroad with Canadians.

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Express Entry Program

Are you a skilled worker? Then you be eligible to work or live in Canada!.                   

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Live in Caregiver Authorization

Live in Caregiver Authorization is available if you have a job offer from a Canadian resident or employer.

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Work Permit

A Work Permit is needed in order to work in Canada for certain jobs.                                    

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Visitor Visa

A Visitor Visa is available to people who intend to visit Canada for a maximum of six months.    

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Working Holiday Visa or International Experience Canada

Working Holiday Visa help many young adults work and live in Canada.

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The PNP allows Canadians to nominate someone to become Permanent Residents.

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Making the decision to temporarily or permanently move to Canada is one of the most important decisions you will make. Whether you’re coming to Canada as a worker, student, visitor or to live here permanently, you will need to spend a lot of thought on the decision and take account of everything it will take to relocate to a new country.

To avoid any errors that could potentially affect your application’s success, you must get the appropriate counseling from a professional before submitting your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If any minor error or omission of vital information is made, your application might be returned to you without an opportunity to correct it. CIECSI will professionally counsel you on how to have a successful application by assisting you in its completion, thus increasing the probability of your application’s acceptance.

My hands on experience in the Canadian immigration law and Canadian Labour market information assessment will benefit you to make informed decision and to receive an up to date information in the Canadian immigration law and Canadian Labour Market information.

To have the best chance at successful immigration, appropriate and professional counseling is key. My experience as a Certified Career Advisor can also benefit you greatly in your journey towards immigrating to Canada. For more information, please contact Million Tafesse at (403) 398-7203 or .

For reference, my ICCRC number is R420031 and can be verified on the ICCRC website:

Additional immigration services we provide include:

    Student Permits
    Canadian Citizenship
    Permanent Resident Card Application
    Travel Document Applications
    Refugee Claims

    Other Services


Summaries of Our Immigration Services and Other Services:

Permanent Residence Applications
  • Spouse sponsorship
  • Parent and grandparent sponsorship
  • Orphan brothers/sisters sponsorship
  • Orphan nieces/nephews sponsorship
  • Dependent/adopted children sponsorship
  • Citizenship for adopted children
  • Skilled worker applications
  • Canadian experience applications
  • Arranged employment opinion
  • Provincial nominee program application specializing in Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Investor/entrepreneur/self-employed applications
  • Humanitarian and compassionate applications from inside and outside Canada
  • Group of 5 applications for Canadians and permanent residents to sponsor refugees from outside Canada
Other Immigration Related Services
  • Criminal rehabilitation for persons who are inadmissible to Canada based on past criminal history
  • Refugee claims inside Canada
  • Family class appeal at immigration and refugee board of Canada
  • Canadian citizenship applications
  • Adoption of a child from overseas
  • Permanent resident card replacement applications
  • Canadian travel document applications
  • Passport applications
  • Entry visa applications to other countries for Canadians
  • Citizenship and immigration photographs
Temporary Residence Applications
  • Visitor permit applications
  • Student permit applications
  • Work permit applications
  • Live in caregiver/nanny
  • International experience Canada applications
  • NAFTA work permits
Other Services
  • Labour market opinion
  • Access to information request
  • Commissioner of Oath
  • Other administrative support